Casa Dewey

The project of this Balines-style house was an exciting creative challenge because it was developed from the architectural project, defining the dimensions of each area of the house, as well as the selection of all the finishes and materials in the internal architecture, in addition to the furniture.
The main objective was to achieve the harmonious interaction and integration of the different spaces, generating contrasts using the lighting, colors, and textures of the different materials used, mainly in the textiles that make the spaces warm and cozy in addition to giving a touch of casual elegance, becoming the spirit of spaces. The carved wooden front door gives a warm welcome as well as allowing the entrance of light to the main hall, where the beautiful natural views are made to see through the big windows.
Most of the furniture was custom-designed for each space covering the needs of the owner, in turn, elements carved in wood and stone sculptures are in different areas of the house. The accessories are also integrated into the different areas of the house, relaxing the environment giving warmth and letting you see the main concept in this project. In the bathrooms, special emphasis was given to the design of sinks and showers, combining natural stones with wood as well as textures on the walls. For their part, the accessories were creatively integrated to achieve the concept that was being searched from the initial idea.
The outdoor spaces function as the extension of the house, where the furniture and textiles flow in harmony integrating with the environment making the house transform into a place of rest and peace.

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