Rincón de Almas

The elegance of an authentic and contemporary style was embodied in this project, with furniture in wood and textiles in neutral colors, it was possible to create an atmosphere that integrates what its inhabitants were looking for, expressing their own tastes and passions. It is a department that surprises when entering because despite the small spaces and reduced, you feel an atmosphere of warmth and spaciousness thanks to the windows of the living room and dining room that allows the entry of natural light.
The design in the living room and dining room is dominated by the use of wood which brings warmth, necessary to generate a cozy space accentuated by soft notes of textiles. In the bedrooms, the quality materials and fine patterns for dressing the bed are constant in each space, and in turn, they are complemented with decorative objects such as desk lamps that give an accent detail to space.
In the master bedroom the desk designed to measure the space in wood and granite is integrated into the contemporary style of this department.

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